United Engineers Limited Annual Report – Building for the Future

Project Year: 2014
Client: United Engineers Limited

Founded in 1912, United Engineers (UE) Limited with its group of subsidiaries is one of Singapore’s pioneer companies that has played an integral role in the country’s physical and economic transformation. Building on its early engineering roots, the Group has evolved into a dynamic corporation with key business activities in property, engineering and distribution, as well as manufacturing today.

The Group has been behind the building of numerous landmarks and monumental structures that stand proud on the island-state today. It also manages Changi Link and the Park Avenue chain of hotels, serviced apartments, serviced offices and convention centre. With a strong presence across Asia, UE is one of the most established multi-skilled corporations in this region.

A “Back to the Drawing Board” concept was chosen for the annual report to convey the traditional and time-honoured values of this 11th oldest company in the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.

The cover features a powerful imagery composed by juxtaposing architectural illustrations of the many buildings developed, built and managed by the UE Group. This gave the illusion that the elements belonged together and yet allowed each element to retain its separate identity as a means of adding interest and meaning to the composition.

Human element shines through the hand-drafted portrait sketches of the management team, giving the images an added dimension. Readers are further engaged through eye-catching infographics and lifestyle images throughout the publication.