Purple Sage Branding

Project Year: Since 2001
Client: Purple Sage Group

The creative journey with the Purple Sage Group began since their inception in 2001 when they revolutionised the catering industry to position themselves as a boutique caterer offering up-market catering services with classy and elegant set-up. The long-term partnership had ensured consistency and close guardianship of the Purple Sage brand.

From the onset, we have played a pivotal role in the strategic branding of the group, beginning with the design of the company’s logo which encompasses elegance and professionalism to reinforce Purple Sage’s distinctive brand positioning.

The branding was consistently applied across all stationery, equipment and uniforms, advertising and promotion materials, as well as website and e-newsletter. With its expansion, the primarily logo was strategically evolved to accommodate its other businesses such as floral services, pantry management services and lifestyle merchandises. Over the years, we have also played consultant to their marketing team on their major brand-related projects.

The successful branding won Purple Sage the 5th Singapore Promising Brand Award in 2005.