Parkway Pantai Quality Summit

Project Year: 2015 − 2016
Client: Parkway Pantai Limited

The Parkway Pantai Quality Summit is an annual convention that gathers over 400 staffs across its Singapore operations to renew their commitment to quality as one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in Asia.

‘Synergy Across Borders (2016)’ was a campaign developed to promote Parkway Pantai’s first-ever multinational Quality Summit in Singapore for their 3 home markets of Singapore, Malaysia and India. This large-scale cross border event reinforced Parkway Pantai’s positioning as a global healthcare provider and paving the way for its future growth, embracing in quality, innovation and synergies.

A three people skydiving concept was developed to effectively signifies the first-ever gathering of Singapore, Malaysia and India over the Quality Summit 2016, while the triangular graphic elements represents the quality trilogy: Parkway Pantai monitor and control processes, improvement upon them and invention of new ways of doing things better with the aim of reaching new heights in the quality excellence. The concept was intricately applied across multiple platforms such as Suntec City Digital Wall, Event Backdrop, Pull up banners and EDM invites.

‘Scaling New Heights (2015)’ campaign on the other hand was developed in 2015. Inspired by Dr Kumaran s/o Rasappan, orthopedic surgeon and Singapore’s first medical doctor to conquer Mount Everest in 2012.

Borrowing his words “Don’t be afraid to dream big and pursue your own Everest“, the team came up with a concept visual of a snow mountain hikers to strongly reflect the message of ‘Pursuing and overcoming challenges to outdone oneself’.  An ascending graphical line element was added to represent the action of moving upwards and forward looking.

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