Journal of Aviation Management has won The Paper Weight Awards 2014.

Journal of Aviation Management

Published: 2000-2014
Client: Singapore Aviation Academy

The Journal of Aviation Management is an annual publication by the Singapore Aviation Academy that provides an intellectual forum for leading experts in civil aviation to share views and experiences. It is distributed to worldwide leaders and professionals in the field of civil aviation.

We were involved in the conceptualisation, design and production of the journal since its launch in 2000. With each issue, new creative ideas were thoughtfully introduced to consistently achieve an elegant presentation of this professional journal.

The long and close collaboration allowed us to deepen our understanding of the publication and motivated us to constantly push our boundaries. It was rewarding for us to win the ‘Best of Show in Print’ in the Paperweight Awards 2014 with the 2013 issue. The award-winning design drew elements from cubism, an art movement that challenges visual conventions by depicting its subjects from multiple viewpoints, to emulate the multi-faceted exchange of information and viewpoints from the various stakeholders.