Enabling Village Branding & Communications

Project Year: 2013
Client: Ministry of Social and Family Development and SG Enable Ltd

An initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and SG Enable Ltd, The Enabling Village is both a community and a space where people with disabilities can move independently, feel accepted for who they are, and be valued for their contributions.

The integrated branding campaign kicked off with the design of a dedicated logo embodying the village’s mission of being an integrated and inclusive community. Typographic, infographic and iconic treatments were strategically applied across the branding exercise.

Our creative solutions included a thoughtfully designed navigational map incorporating Braille characters, emphasising the inclusive approach taken to all visitors regardless of their ability. Bespoke environmental graphic displays with useful information and messages, designed to complement the architectural characteristics of the Village were put up on walls around the Village. Print ads and posters effectively created awareness as well as generated interest in the wider community.

Going beyond design, periodic photography sessions with art direction were carried out to progressively document the construction of the Village and create a photographic archive.